Noanco is an online shopping platform established by Chand Xin in Australia in 2021, focusing on safe and comfortable cotton and linen clothing. The original intention of the products is to allow more women to experience comfortable and fashionable women's clothing.

Since the establishment of the Noanco brand, we have quickly gained the love of women all over the world, and cotton and linen clothing has been loved by more and more people for its comfortable and fashionable brand concept. It is also supported and trusted by customers in North America, Europe and Australia.

Since its establishment in September 2021, from 2021 to 2022, Noanco has been recognized in the industry with its high-quality clothing and friendly working attitude. We have always believed that clothing is not just clothing, but can represent a person's attitude and way of life.

At Noanco, we carefully inspect every piece of clothing to ensure the best possible experience for our customers! Ensure customer satisfaction and happiness.
Our ultimate vision is that everyone can enjoy their journey at Noanco!

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